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How the Seed Was Planted

Pot Plants

The seed for Pot Plant was planted in 2019 in Southern California, and officially sprouted at the end of 2020. We started Pot Plant to help bring the magic of the plant to anyone’s home.

Living in California, we’re lucky enough to be able to legally grow our own. For months, we grew our own plants and met with cultivators to understand and appreciate the true anatomy and beauty of the plants.

And we noticed that everyone – weed users and non-users alike – was taken by the natural beauty of our plants. That’s when it clicked – if more people could see pot in its truest, more natural form, they would see cannabis in a different light.

Today, we’re on a mission to change the way the world looks at weed. Eventually, we hope that people won’t bat an eye when our hyperreal, artificial pot plants are on their friends’ coffee table, right next to their succulent collection.

Are you ready to join us and spark a conversation?

– Karina and George, Co-Founders Pot Plant


Fast Shipping

Pot Plant ships via Fedex and offers expedited options. Ships from Southern California.

Safe Packaging

All plants are carefully packaged with no assembly required. The box only signifies that there is a plant inside, but not which kind.

Discreet Billing

We are just another plant company. Your billing statement will show your purchase from 'the Plant Shop.'