As a female-founded company, Pot Plant is inspired by the women in the canna biz. We admire their grit, open mindsets and passion for the plant.

Working in such a regulated industry that constantly twists and turns can be a tough hill to climb, but there are some amazing women who are in the weeds *no pun intended hehe* helping to destigmatize the plant and champion its magical benefits.

Alexis, a 29 year old California native, works in the industry in Michigan. She is the Social Media Coordinator for Skymint in Ann Arbor and is impassioned about the industry and the plant! Getting creative at work and at home keeps her inspired and grounded. 

Say high to Alexis (IG: @Nack_Jicholson)

PP: How do you spark creativity? 

Alexis: Besides the obvious,😉. I think I find a ton of inspiration from Social Media. Since it’s my job & hobby I’m constantly absorbing content. I’m careful about who I follow and make sure whatever brand/Influencer that I’m following sparks creativity and uplifts my mood. I create a lot of outfit content on my personal Instagram and I get a lot of inspiration from movie characters, music documentaries and menswear.

Desk plant

PP: What’s your favorite artist, song or playlist right now that inspires your work/creativity?

Alexis: I had to take some time on this one! I tend to not stray too far from what I’ve listened to forever. I think my perfect creative playlist would include Talking Heads, BADBADNOTGOOD, The Velvet Underground and Radiohead. Tons of others too sprinkled in but you get the vibe. I also love a good podcast while working. If anyone has recommendations, I will gladly take them. 
PP: How do you spend the majority of your time at home, as we've all been spending a little bit more time in our homes? Have your recently gotten into any new hobbies?

Alexis: If I’m being completely honest I didn’t really pick up any hobbies, BUT I did learn to enjoy just being home. I used to go stir crazy and feel the need for constant stimulation. I think spending way more time in my home made me appreciate a slower paced life. Making meals in, living room concerts and bedtime by ten have become the norm. And I’m not mad at it.

PP: What’s your favorite spot at home and why?

Alexis: It’s really a tie between my living room and my office. My office is such a fun, creative space. I’ve tried to really fill it with things I love, it makes working more enjoyable and creative. With that being said, this girl loves to chill. I’m talking about a ton of pillows, blankets, snacks and whatever reality TV show I'm currently binging. My living room is the perfect spot to plop down and get in those pet snuggles.
PotPlant_Office Decor
PP: Where’s your Pot Plant in your home?

Alexis: It lives in my office! It’s the perfect spot. Since I work in the industry it provides much needed inspiration and makes the perfect prop for some work content.

PP: What have guests thought of your Pot Plant, and what kind of conversations has it sparked?

Alexis: I think people are pretty shocked that it’s a “fake” plant, since it’s so realistic looking. Most people have not had the chance to see this plant up close, so it’s always fun to see their reaction. These plants allow people to really appreciate just how beautiful the plant really is.

PP: What was your first perception of weed, and what do you think about it now?

Alexis: Growing up I was told weed was for losers. I was taught that weed is something you could not use if you wanted to be successful. Now I see weed as something that truly changes people’s lives for the better. I’m privileged to live in a state where it is legal and people can easily walk into a store and purchase it. I feel so grateful to break down those stigmas I think most of us were taught growing up. It’s just weed, man and absolutely NO ONE should be in prison for it.