We started Pot Plant to champion individuality, to create curiosity and spark meaningful conversations. We believe that having a Pot Plant at home not only allows you to showcase your unique flare through creative home decor, but also helps destigmatize the plant.

Our pals share our mindset and have joined us in our mission to change the way the world looks at weed. They use the plant to inspire creativity and to encourage people to be more open. They inspire us, are unapologetically themselves, and embody the values we support.

Say high to Michelle aka YUCA

Artificial House Plant

For Michelle, weed is a wellspring of inspiration. In 2020, she reflected on her life and felt like something was missing. She moved on from her traditional job in sales and decided to pursue her passions: art + weed. She has since made the leap to pursue content creation and an edible company.

Michelle goes by YUCA -- Young, Urban Cuban American. YUCA was born in Florida, while both of her parents were born in Cuba. Here's a lil peak into her life at home in Miami:

PP: How do you spark creativity and inspiration?

YUCA: I am definitely a mood setter, before entering any brainstorm. There’s a joint rolled, some good tunes, a fresh cup of tea and maybe even an outfit change, so I am really feeling myself. Though the most important source of my inspiration would be my sketchbook! It’s my to do list, it’s my recipe book, it’s where I doodle, it’s a place where I can put all my thoughts all in one and go back to it at any time. I love to do brain maps and really dive deep into my projects. I have to blame art school for this habit but it’s what works for me!

Realistic Faux Plants

PP: How do you decorate your space? Are you decorating with plants?

YUCA: I personally like to spend a lot of time at home so I have been slowly but surely collecting beautiful art from local artists, and curating our space to be as cozy and comfy as possible. My boyfriend would say I am a plant hoarder, but I like to say I am a plant collector -- so I often bring a new plant baby home. Trying to find a new space for our plants is always a project!

PP: What’s your favorite spot at home and why?

YUCA: The living room's my favorite spot hands down. It has the most natural light, it’s where most of our plants are, and it’s also the very first space you walk into in our home. We have decorated the walls with our interests, and it’s a great introduction for guests to see who we are as people.

PP: We love to hear you are plant obsessed. We are always looking for indoor plant ideas .We'd love to have the opportunity to grow weed at our homes, but for 1 reason or another, it's not in the cards for us. That's why our Pot Plan is the perfect houseplant that's easy to maintain and the best faux plant for a small space.

YUCA: Yes! Our Pot Plant is in our living room of course! I want them to the stars of the show! I am happy to have a showstopper at my house to continue teaching and preaching why this beautiful plant is so important.